Heat Wins. LeBron's Ankle Loses. Pacers Tomorrow.

It was the game before the game last night. It was sandwiched between LeBron's old team and the Heat's biggest threat in the East.

It was the 117-94 Heat win Monday night game against the Jazz, because people had already bought tickets, and it was mandatory.

I keep hearing people referencing LeBron's "almost triple doubles", I guess it's a new stat people are keeping. Seems to me it would be easier if they just called them "LeBron's." LeBron had another LeBron Monday, finishing with 30 points, nine rebounds, and nine assists, his eighth near LeBron of the season. That rolls off the tongue much better than "near-triple-double," I'd say.

Dwyane Wade is your boy. STILL. Never stopped. Always because forever. Wade continues to look great when he's on the floor this year, "when" being the paramount word there. His body seems to be responding to the rest the team is giving him, and he should get healthier as the season goes on. As long as Mario Chalmers doesn't hurt him in a post-game video bomb.

The Heat went 45-71 Monday, a franchise record. The win gives Miami 17th straight victories over a Western Conference opponents, the second longest such streak in NBA history. The Utah Jazz also tied an NBA record, recording just one player in double figures. That's an unofficial stat, but I feel comfortable reporting it.

At one point in the third quarter LeBron James lost his headband. This was the very moment shit got real. This was also the very moment Heat media Twitter lost it's entire shit.

The result was a Miami Heat lead that ballooned from three to twelve entering the fourth quarter, and it was smooth sailing to the win from there. Never disrobe the King of his linen, you chose poorly Utah.

The only real snafu was when LeBron turned an ankle catching a pass while sprinting down the court. He came back in and played like a ball o' fire, but these things hurt the next day -- particularly when you're preparing to outjump a giant Roy-o-saur. "He'll be fine," Wade told worried Heat fans.

Next up for the Heat is a rematch with those bastard Pacers, who beat the Heat 90-84 last week in the biggest game of their life. The Pacers lost to Detroit last night, because even the thought of the Heat near on their schedule gets them totally shook.

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