Heat Win Seventh Straight Game, Dominate Thunder 110-100

It turns out LeBron James is nothing like a box of chocolates, because you always know what you're gonna get: no caramel, no coconut, just COBRADICK. LeBron James topped 30 points for the seventh consecutive game (all Heat wins) Thursday night, leading the Heat to a 110-100 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Miami heads into the All-Star break a season high 22 games over .500, with a four game lead in the East over the New York Knicks.

People in Oklahoma have had quite enough of the Miami Heat, bitching and complaining all game about calls -- even though the Thunder closed the game with twelve more free throws than the Heat. At one point a fan even got into it with the Birdman. A good rule of thumb in life would to never be in a situation where someone named "Birdman" is angry with you, especially when it is tattooed across his neck in bright colors.

The Thunder fans weren't the only ones that had a problem with the refs on this night, though. Dwyane Wade fouled out for just the seventh time in his entire career. Following the final foul Wade ran directly to the locker room to avoid a technical foul. Both sides seemed less than hopeful that the refs would go home and get gross old people sex for Valentine's Day after the game. On the other hand, maybe that would be a good punishment for calling such a crappy game.

Every time the Thunder looked to be creating a little momentum for a possible comeback, LeBron would sink a jumper. Every time the blue shirts in the crowd stood up to cheer, LeBron sat them down with matching colored balls for their shirts. No matter what Durant did, and he had 22 points in the fourth quarter alone (40 on the night), LeBron would piss on their flames. At one point LeBron actually signaled to the crowd it was time to sit down, and they did, and they liked it.

The Heat have now beaten the Thunder six straight times dating back to last year's NBA Finals, many of those games not even close. At this point, not only do the Heat have the Thunder's number, but they used said number, got to know their mom on the phone -- and any day now might actually become their new dad. It wouldn't surprise me if LeBron became the first player to be the father of every player on the other team. At this point, he needs to make up new records to break.

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