Heat Whoops Pistons; Indiana Game on Tuesday

The good news for the Detroit Pistons was the temperature at tip -- a brisk 25 degrees, meant the big fat dish of revenge the Miami Heat served was cold. The bad news: The game was broadcast on television, and everyone saw what happens when the Heat gets another shot at an opponent that caught the team slipping a few nights earlier.

The Heat's payback for the 107-97 Tuesday loss to Detroit came in the form of a wire-to-wire business-like 110-95 victory Sunday.

Revenge, indeed. You put this on yourselves, Pistons.

LeBron James finished with his second straight almost-triple-double, notching 24 points, nine assists, and seven rebounds. Ray Allen, starting for just the second time in his Heat career, scored 18, and the Heat as a whole just straight up flexed its strong revenge pimp hand all night long.

Just like last Tuesday, the Pistons had seven players in double figures, but the outcome was much different this night, mainly because Heat players couldn't miss -- making 55.6 percent of their shots. To recap, when the Heat players make a lot of basketball goals, they tend to score more basketball points, which in turn leads to more basketball wins. That's a real stat brought to you by your friends here at Miami New Times, subscription free. You're welcome.

Dwyane Wade once again sat out while recovering from the flu and another one of his signature knee-on-knee collisions he'd suffered in the win over Minnesota the previous Saturday. Wade is expected to play against Indiana Tuesday, and the Heat will need him, because the Pacers have stormed out of the gates like a fat kid chasing an ice-cream truck.

Michael Beasley also failed to appear, his second straight missed contest, due to a strained hamstring apparently suffered in his sleep. You so cray, Beasley -- you so crayyyyyy.

Following the loss to the Bulls last week, all the talk was about how terrible the Heat was as a team rebounding the basketball. LeBron and Bosh did their part to put that worry on the back burner this weekend. Bosh had nine rebounds in just 24 minutes against the T-wolves Saturday, while LeBron exploded for a season-high 14. Last night in Detroit, the duo once again stepped up their glass cleaning, with Bosh finishing with nine and LeBron with seven.

The Heat still lost the rebounding battle Sunday 42-34, but the differential was a far cry from the complete ass-kickings the team had been taking of late. A bigger test awaits in Indiana, so that trend must continue if the Heat plans on putting the Pacers in their place. The Pacers really love them some Pacers right now and are totally convinced a win will make up for the hilarious heartbreak they suffered at the hands of the Heat the past two postseasons.

Come get some Indiana.

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