Heat Trades Napier and Shops Birdman and Chalmers, While Mike Miller Wants to Return

With the Miami Heat trying to rebuild in time for next season, all sorts of your favorite supporting players who were with the team through the Big Three era are reportedly up for trade. However, one player known for his three-pointers traded away two years ago might be interested in returning to Miami. 

Pat Riley is all about trying to free up cap space at the moment, and the team just traded away Shabazz Napier to the Orlando Magic for next to nothing. Well, the Heat will receive a second-round draft pick, albeit a highly protected one, in return. ESPN describes the deal as a "cash dump." The Heat had traded up in the 2014 draft to secure Napier, reportedly because he was a favorite of LeBron James. 

That move came within a week of Barry Jackson reporting that the front office was trying its best to deal away Chris "Birdman" Andersen and longtime Heat player and official team little brother Mario Chalmers to free up contract space, and the team is still very much interested in trading the two. However, the Palm Beach Post reports that they'll listen to offers from just about any team — except LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Adding both or either Andersen and Chalmers would make sense for the Cavs, and James, of course, has history with both, but Riley, using his virtues of common sense, sees the Cavs as the number one obstacle in next year's Eastern Conference playoffs and doesn't want to help the team load up its roster. 

Trading both Andersen and Chalmers would save the team about $30 million. 

Meanwhile, former Heat player Mike Miller was just let go by the Cleveland Cavaliers and would reportedly like to come back to Miami. 

As many observers have been quick to point out, James was upset when the Heat amnestied Miller in 2013 but just signed off on the Cavs trading him away. 

Whether Miller actually makes sense for the Heat or if the team would want him back (presumably at a much lower salary) remains to be seen. 

Of course, for sentimental Heat fans who are a bit sad about the team parting ways with so many of the supporting players during the Big Three era, re-signing Miller could at least have, um, emotional value. But, hey, at least we still have Udonis Haslem. 

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