Heat-Thunder: Dwyane Wade Disappears Again, Team Loses 112-95

If Kevin Durant was looking to send a message, message received loud and clear. Durant continued his streak of lighting the NBA on fire, scoring 33 points in a 112-95 stomping of a mistake-prone Miami Heat team Wednesday.

Durant scored 30 or more for a career best 12th straight game, in leading the Thunder to their ninth straight win. The Heat stormed out to an early 18-point first quarter lead, but from there are out it was all Thunder, all the time. Just an assortment of Thunder whoop ass, in all shapes and fashions. The Heat didn't help themselves either, committing 20 turnovers in the game.

In addition to being sloppy with the basketball all night, the Heat shot just 3-19 from three point range. I'm no Hubie Brown, but I think I can safely go on the record in saying turnovers plus the opposite of making points good, equals big losses. It's like reverse Moneyball.

The game was billed as LeBron versus Durant, but sadly, this isn't tennis, and the people not named James and Durant impact the game. LeBron scored 34, actually out dueling Durant, but got no help from his teammates after the first six minutes of fools gold Heat jizz.

Wade did return to the starting lineup after nearly two weeks of missed games and coming off the bench, but overall was a much too familiar non-factor in the game. Wade ended up scoring 15, but still looks nothing like the Wade Heat fans are accustomed to. It's early, and I would never count out Wade, but right now the team just isn't the same without Dwyane Wade striking fear into the other team.

Ugh, just one of the more demoralizing Heat losses in awhile. This entire game was about Durant being the Heat's Daddy, so it would only make sense if that was the theme of this post. Here are some of the best Durant tweets from last nights Heat beat down, because even when the Heat lose, Twitter still gonna Twitter.

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