Heat Pull Out 11th Straight, Beat Cavs 109-105

No Oscars were awarded for Dwyane Wade's fourth-quarter performance Sunday night. Just another Miami Heat win, that's all. With his team down seven with just under four minutes to go, the man they once called "Flash" played the role of superhero, scoring 11 of his 24 in the game's final five minutes and saving the Heat's win streak from what seemed almost certain doom. Bravo!

The 109-105 win ran the gamut of emotions. Up 22 at one point, it seemed like everyone on the Heat, including Erik Spoelstra himself, would be capable of knocking down a corner three. Up 68-46 early in the third, it seemed like one of those nights that might end with LeBron and Wade over on the bench giggling, hiding their conversations with Gatorade cups over their mouths. Just another easy win seemed all but certain.

Then C.J. Miles happened. No, not a Central Florida I-95 truck stop; an actual NBA player named C.J. Miles happened.

I'm not sure what "C.J." stands for, but after his fifth three of the night, I would have been willing to bet it stood for "Cmon! Jesus!" to most Heat fans -- dude was hotter than a LeBron Cavs jersey on the night of "The Decision." Miles had the best minute of his life to close out the third quarter (presuming he has never slept with Kate Upton), single-handedly erasing Miami's ten-point lead with just a few strokes of his evil Cavsy hands.

Once C.J. Miles was finished making his kids a highlight tape to show their friends how cool their dad was back in the day, Miami was able to stabilize things and keep within striking distance until it became "Winning Time," when they finished the game on a 16-4 run.

During the Heat's winning streak, Shane Battier has been nothing short of amazeballs.

Battier finished four-for-seven from three-point land on the night, and 27 of his last 47 overall. But it's more when those threes come that's been important. At one point late, Wade fell to the floor and it looked as if the Cavs would surely steal the ball and possibly go up double digits on the other end to seal the deal. Wade somehow scooped the ball over to Battier, who knocked down the clutch three to keep the game tight. That's your boy.

The win was just another example as to how far this Miami Heat team has come over the past two-plus seasons. No longer are the days where the final minutes feature panic and heartbreak -- just focused, smart, controlled, CHAMPIONSHIP-CALIBER basketball. That's what champions do, you see.

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