Heat Playoffs: Watch LeBron Get Elbowed in the Throat Before Winning Game Two

Late in the fourth quarter, with the Heat clinging to a three-point lead, LeBron James drove to the basket looking to ice it. Instead, LBJ was given something completely different to worry about icing -- his throat. The Bobcats' Josh McRoberts met LeBron and his neck at the basket, sending LeBron sprawling to the floor gasping for air.

No flagrant foul was called. No review happened. No harm, no flagrant foul. Mainly because NBA officials can identify a flagrant about as well as your grandpa can spot Kendrick Lamar.

LeBron instead went to the line on a common foul call and missed one of his two free throws, leaving the Bobcats with a chance to steal the win. It was yet another instance this season when LeBron was the victim of a "nonbasketball play," yet no penalty was assessed by the referees.

The Heat ended up holding on for a 101-97 win over the Bobcats, giving Miami a 2-0 lead in the best-of-seven series as the team heads to Charlotte for games three and four. It's quite possible the Bobcats' McRoberts will be suspended for the game, as the NBA is able to go back and review such fouls, called live or otherwise, and retroactively assess punishment and fines.

LeBron, head still attached, finished with 32 points, eight assists, six rebounds, and four steals. Chris Bosh had a helluva game too, hitting four of five threes and scoring 22 points. It seemed like every Bosh shot down the stretch stopped the Bobcats from Bobcatting their way back into the game.

It's clear at this point that players have decided it seems like a good idea to challenge LeBron at the basket, only to realize once he is right up on them that they have chosen poorly. Then, in an attempt to continue a life of eating solid foods, they throw their bones into his general direction. It seems as if the death of Jason Terry last season has caused players to take extra precautions.

Coach Erik Spoelstra was asked after the game if the officials gave him any explanation for the call on the play and why a flagrant was not given to McRoberts. Apparently, the explanation he received was less than satisfying.

Others didn't get it either, including the Iron Sheik. NBA officials definitely have the big-time Tic Tac balls, Bubba.

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