Heat Fans Use Trick Shots to Lure Hassan Whiteside to Their Pickup Game

A group of Miami Heat fans will stop at nothing until Hassan Whiteside accepts their challenge: to come play them at a pick-up game. 

The group, which runs a regular game they've dubbed "Heat Twitter Classic," already draws local radio personalities and media types to play. Now, they're setting their goals much higher. Like 7-foot center Hassan Whiteside higher.  

Their game plan: pelting Hassan Whiteside on Twitter with trick shot Vines in hopes of getting his attention. And it's worked! 

New Times caught up with Gnarle about his thirsty pursuit of the Miami Heat star: 

New Times: First of all, why Hassan Whiteside? How did this become a thing?

Gnarle: It actually started with this tweet from @SkinnyMcGhee. Seeing as Hassan is probably one the loosest members of the Heat on social media, I thought it would be a good idea to run with it and see if it snowballed into anything.

Whiteside is listed at 7 feet and 265 pounds. What would be your defensive strategy?

Unfortunately, I cannot discuss our game plan knowing that there is the possibility of Hassan reading this article and being tipped off to our defensive strategy.
Whiteside has acknowledged your trick-shot tweet, so does #HeatTwitter feel like he's ducking you now?

Between keeping it 100 and vacationing with teammates, we know Hassan has a lot on his plate this offseason. That being said — the invite was extended two weeks in advance of #HTC5. If he acknowledged my tweet then that means he knows where to find us.

These games take place on Saturdays; what percentage of your group is still drunk from the night before? How do you plan to keep your team focused and sober before such a monumental challenge?

It's no secret that a good portion of #HeatTwitter enjoys the drink. I can confirm that we have had DNPs in the past due to the South Beach Flu. But for the most part, these guys show up when they're asked to and play their glassy little eyes out. Then continue drinking. Between plays. There is no doubt in my mind that they'll be on their A-game if Hassan indeed accepts our challenge.

If Hassan Whiteside indeed showed up to the next Heat Twitter Classic with four other teammates, do you guys even score once?

Zero points. Unless we score in transition on a play that Dwyane is late on because he stayed back to complain. I'm sorry Dwyane. I love you.


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I've seen your group tag every Heat player asking for help in this, but they all have one request; don't bring Mario Chalmers. Why can't Rio play?

Like his own teammates over the years, we give Mario a hard time but have nothing but love and respect for him - he's the greatest #6 in Heat history. It would be an honor if he, too, joined Hassan at #HTC5.

This is your chance to tell Hassan why he should accept your challenge: Take your shot. 

If you're a Heat fan, you know Hassan Whiteside is all about two things: dunking on people and keeping it 100. I can't think of a better way to keep it 100 than by linking up with some of the most rabid and loyal Heat fans you'll come across and getting his #HTC rating up. 

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