Heat Curses Wizards With 103-93 Black Magic

The Heat went old school on all our asses Sunday night, throwing it all the way back with a 103-93 win over the Washington Wizards. The win was a reminder of the good old victorious days, back in June 2013 when Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" was the number one hit in America, and World War Z was the top movie -- man, it just makes you feel so old.

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The Heat controlled the game most of the way, leading 61-48 at the intermission, behind 18 first half points from LeBron, who finished with a team high 25. The game was the first of the season in which all Big 3 scored over 20 points (LeBron 25, Bosh 24, Wade 20).

The Wizards were pretty short handed Sunday. Well, they always are short handed, but they were without Nene Hilario and Chris Singleton on this night, so more so than normal. Washington was led by former University of Florida star Bradley Beal, who scored 19 in the loss. Glenn Rice Jr., son of former Heat bad ass Glenn Rice, did not see any action in the game.

Two straight losses had Heat fan not exactly panicking, just annoyed, so it was good to see the Heat get back to their winning ways. A two-game losing streak in January barely gets a mention in the local paper, but when the two losses come within the first three games of a season that follows back-to-back championships, people raise an eyebrow. The name of the game this season will be patience, the playoffs don't start tomorrow no matter how hard you give a shit, so chill. As Spoelstra would preach to you, "it's a process."

The 27-game winning streak the Heat went on late last season has a lot to do with it, fans got caught up in it, the team got caught up in it, and Lord knows the media soaked every single page click out of that streak, but in the end it really didn't matter for much other than keeping a nice home-court lead. It's possible that streak actually hurt the team in some ways, like not resting Wade, something the team is no doubt not willing to overlook this season, regardless of the shiny prize awarded for said regular season accomplishment. This season is about slow and steady wins the race, getting back to "the dance" as whole as possible, and taking care of stinky teams such as the injury plagued Washington Wizards when they come into your house on a Sunday night.

So it's four games down, 78 to go, until teams start dealing with the fact that they can't take advantage of a bored or non-motivated-to-kick-your-ass-in-November Miami Heat team; instead they will be faced with beating the "Flying Death Machine" four of seven times, good luck with that.

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