Heat Beats Hawks 98-81 for 19th Straight Win

Right now, winning is the Miami Heat's business, and business is good. For the 19th straight time, the Miami Heat won, this time 98-81 over the Atlanta Hawks Tuesday night. The Heat never trailed in this game, because trailing is the cousin of losing, and losing is not an option in this dojo.

As was the case in the last win against the stupid Pacers, the Heat actually wasn't even that good. Just one player scored more than 20 (Dwyane Wade with 23 points). Once again, LeBron was human-like, following up a 13-point night with just 15 points Tuesday, hitting only three shots from the floor. So to recap, the Miami Heat is playing at maybe a 4 on the Ballsasskickery Scale yet continue to kick both balls and asses.

The win at home improved the Heat to 30-3 at the American Airlines Arena this season, an impressive-looking number in what has become a season full of impressive-looking numbers. They used to call it the "South Beach flu" when teams came to Miami and got their asses handed to them. Now it's just that the Miami Heat is too sick. When the wheels go up, so do your team's losses; thanks for visiting Miami!

The Heat will go for its 20th straight win Wednesday night in Philadelphia, the first of five straight on the road -- with no home games until March 22, versus Detroit. Only three teams have won at least 20 consecutive games in the same season: the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers (33), the 2007-08 Houston Rockets (22), and the 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks (20). Only one of those teams is from the now, which is good news because they won't be appearing on the Heat's schedule. Even if they did, those '70s teams are probably rusty as shit. We're going streaking!

Here are highlights of the Heat's 19th straight opposite of a loss, recovered from an Atlanta Hawks anus at the peak of Mount Tittikaka (or from ESPN.)

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