Heat Beat Hawks 104-88: "Where LeBron Eyebrows At?"

Back in action Tuesday night, the Heat took on the Atlanta Hawks, a rebuilt team, and by rebuilt, I mean I just watched them play for 48 minutes and I'm still not entirely sure who plays for them.

Oh, and the Heat won 104-88, minus a resting Dwyane Wade.

After a scoreless first quarter, LeBron finished with just 13 points in 31 minutes, while Chris Bosh led the team, scoring 19 on 8-9 shooting in just 25 minutes of action. Ray Allen returned from the flu and chipped in 17 points off the bench, hitting three of the six threes he took. The Heat as a whole hit 10-21 threes, including three from Mario Chalmers, who was returning from a suspension for almost decapitating Dirk Nowitzki.

The game overall seemed more like an exhibition than anything. Coach Erik Spoelstra obviously has so few shits given left for regular-season games, playing all 13 active players at his disposal, including nearly the entire fourth quarter with five bench players on the floor, while LeBron and Bosh played nada, none, zilch of it.

Not only do you not care about what a Hawks player did in this game, but you also would have no idea who I was talking about or if I was lying to you, so let's just cut the bullshit and not waste our time on that, OK? Cool. Good talk.

The Heat improved to 8-3 on the year, 6-1 at home. The Hawks, oh, who cares -- the Hawks don't matter.

Throughout the game, I kept track of some of the best LeBron-related tweets. You're not gonna believe this, but a lot of people were REALLY mean. Here are some of the best ones that did not include something about LeBron loving male genitalia or finding his real father. Enjoy.

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