He Saw Jesus In The Bathroom

Little did Theo Grimes from Miami Gardens know that when he stepped out of the shower he would come face to face with Jesus. Well, it was the image of Jesus on his bathroom wall, but that was still a creepy sight. Just imagine, you’re toweling off and next thing you know Jesus' visage is staring you down.

Grimes calls the mildew Jesus a miracle, according to the NBC 6 story posted March 25.

I'm sorry, but the fact that a person sees the image of Jesus on a bathroom wall is just not a miracle. Don't you think Jesus has better things to do than show up at random in people's bathrooms, or maybe Heaven is just that boring.

This isn't the first time that Jesus, or some other divine being in some cases, has appeared in the most plain of places. You might remember the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Jim Defede of the Miami Herald blogged about his trip to Vegas with the sandwich. He did make it to Vegas, all the while running into people who truly marveled at the cheese bearing the image of the mother of Christ to people who deemed the thing unholy.

Defede proved that the sandwich's miraculous powers work better than any radar blocker as he sped through a notorious speed trap in Georgia. He also avoided a confrontation with a border patrol agent while crossing back into the US from Mexico thanks to the VMGCS. Here's an excerpt from his blog:

"What was the purpose of your visit, sir?" asked the agent.

"I'm driving the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Miami to Las Vegas and I thought it would be nice to take a detour into Mexico."

He stared at me blankly.

"Have you heard of the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich?"

Another blank look. Images of a strip search and a plastic glove begin to race through my mind.

"This woman in Florida, she made a grilled cheese sandwich ten years ago and she claims the face of the Virgin Mary is on it," I babble. "She sold it on eBay last month for $28,000."

"And let me guess, the sandwich is in the briefcase."

"Yes. Wanna see it?"

"Okay," he says, moving around to the passenger side of my car. He opens the door and I unlock the case.

"You can really see a face," he says. "And she sold it for $28,000?"


"And you are driving it to Las Vegas?"


"Okay, sir, have a nice day."

And with that he let me pass.

Only time will tell what miracles the mildew Jesus face will perform.

-- Elvis Ramirez

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Elvis Ramirez