HBO and W Hotels Conspire to Inundate South Beach with Rabid Entourage Fans

There are your basic, everyday Entourage fans, and then there are your Entourage fans who would shell out a few grand for a hotel package in the hope they can live the authentic Vinny Chase lifestyle. I probably wouldn't want to meet the latter type of fan, which means I should steer clear of W South Beach for the next few months.

The newly opened W has teamed up with HBO to offer an exclusive "Entourage package." For a mere $5,650, fans can stay for two nights in a themed three-story bungalow. The package also includes limo transportation to and from the airport, a personal driver, a cabana at WET, dinners, bottle service at Wall, a trip on a private yacht, a basketball game with "court-side Coronas," access to two Jet Skis, and a golf game.

The bungalow features free Grey Goose and Heineken (apparently to Entourage what cosmopolitans are to Sex and the City), a private pool, a barbecue grill, and a PlayStation 3.

Adrian Grenier was in town last night for a kick-off party for the promotion, which runs until late September.

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Kyle Munzenrieder