Hazel the Happy Sandwich Lady Is Master of Smiles

It is a slow news day and has been kind of a depressing news week (Ponies dead! Meningitis! Marlins lose!), so here is a pick-me-up story about Hazel the "Happy Sandwich Lady." Doesn't the name alone bring a smile to your face?

The Miami Hurricane profiles Hazel
, a popular sandwich lady at a University of Miami dining hall who always seems to have a smile on her face: 

"It is just a pleasure to go in there and say hi to her and get a wonderful sandwich made," Helfand said. "Hazel is always smiling and she always makes everyone that talks to her smile. Even if you're having a bad day, Hazel comes in there and cheers you up."

Alumnus Billy Bludgus still has good memories of Hazel.

"I graduated four years ago and I still remember Hazel making my turkey and provolone wrap with the biggest smile ever," Bludgus said.
Hazel says the reason she is always smiling is because of some advice her grandmother once gave her.

"When I was a little girl, my grandmother said to me, 'for every minute that you spend in sadness, you lose 60 seconds of happiness,' so I think I would rather have those 60 seconds of happiness," Henderson said.

This is one of those articles for when you're thinking, Oh God, my job sucks and I hate everyone and, ugh, my life is a sad mixture of failure and horribleness, and then you read it and think, Gee, this lady makes sandwiches for a living and is completely happy doing it, so much so that she makes so many other people happy, and maybe I should adjust my 'tude, dude.

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Kyle Munzenrieder