Have You Seen Florida's Most Absurdly Blinged Out Camaro?

Somewhere in the Sunshine State, there is a truly bitchin' Camaro on the road. Every square inch has been covered in gold. The wheels hug 30-inch plates, also blinged out in solid gold. The interior is forest green -- or at least the few spots that aren't covered in subwoofers are.

Even in a town where luxury rides battle for valet spots at the Fontainebleau and tricked out rides motor down Ocean Drive every weekend, this car -- dubbed the "King ZL1" -- has made waves. In fact, there's such a raging debate online over whether its a work of genius or an auto abomination that Yahoo News picked up the story

This much is certain: The car was made by 813 Customs, a Tampa-based shop that looks to specialize in giving cars the Goldfinger treatment.

On Monday, the shop posted the photo above to its Facebook page, advertising the car for sale. (Incidentally: Is that photo taken in Miami, or is it just us? Looks mightily like a corner in Liberty City ... Update: That corner looks to be in Tampa across from 813's shop, based on Google Maps. Sorry, Miami. Someone in Dade needs to buy this car so we, too, can enjoy it in person. )

Within hours, hundreds of Facebook trolls had jumped into the comments. They were not kind:

More than 300 commenters weighed in on the ride, in fact, and things got heated enough that the company had to jump in to defend its work. (Riptide has called 813, but couldn't get anyone on the line. We'll update the post if we can learn more about the backstory.)

Listen its pretty disgusting the things people are saying, everybody has there owns styles, lifted trucks with mud tires, lifted cars with big wheels, lowered cars, racing riding lawnmowers, clothing, hair, etc. To judge a car with such ignorance is disgusting. If you really no what it takes to build a car and your a fan of cars you would respect every custom car for the time, effort and style that,that person came up with even its not your style. Building cars is a hobby for people PEOPLE DONT BUILD CARS TO MAKE ANOTHER PERSON HAPPY they build it to there own style and what they want.

In fact, Yahoo's auto writer, Justin Hyde, comes to the company's defense, calling it "an exercise in fashion that pushes the boundaries of taste and revs our passions."

What say you? Have you seen this Camaro in Miami?

Oh, and incidentally: The car looks to still be for sale, based on the Facebook post.

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