Hats The Musical Starring Senator Frederica Wilson

State Senator Frederica Wilson has Practical hats. She has dramatical hats. She also has pragmatical hats, fanatical hats, oratorical hats, delphioracle hats, skeptical hats, dispeptical hats, romantical hats, pedantical hats, critical hats, parasitical hats, and so on and so forth.

Herald/Times Tallahassee bureau just put up a 731 word article on her hats! Which is probably not as many words as Wilson has hats.

Though, not everyone likes her hats, because not everyone is a wonderful person who appreciates such beauty. A fellow senator at one point tried to raise the issue with the Senate president. 

"I don't believe that with all the problems the we're having in this state, with education, with health and human services, with inmates, 100,000 people in prison, mentally ill people living under a bridge, and this lady is concerned about me wearing a hat?" Wilson says at one point in an accompanying video. 

You could replace "this lady," with "this Tallahassee bureau of two of the State's most important newspapers" and have a valid point, but luckily neither Wilson or the reporter realizes this. Because her hat collection is fascinating, and it gives us another reason to post the wonderful accompanying blingee. Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this article. 

Wilson, it should be noted has declared her intention to run to replace Rep. Kendrick Meek (who is running for Senate) in the US House of Representatives. Is Nancy Pelosi ready for all these hats? Let's hope so. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder