Happy Fontainebleau Weekend

The Fontainebleau got some work done, and, like any mature lady with a fresh face lift, is being discreet about. Oh, she's just having a small, little shindig tonight with like 500 of her closest celebrity friends. Who are we kidding, she hasn't been this excited since all those times Frank Sinatra used to come inside of her.

There are some awesome people on this list (hi, Chloe), and some others would be at the opening of a letter if they were invited, but that should all be very fun for them. Dancing and talking and drinking and being famous.

Then there is the Victoria's Secret fashion show taping on Saturday. This blogger will be their live!!! ...sequestered with all the other lowly bloggers at a special bloggers party while we blog about attending a bloggers party with other bloggers and hopefully get free booze and a gift bag full of lace panties to take home. So we will be doing that. It should be fun. Here is a preview:

9:12pm - A woman in some underwear walks out.

9:13pm - Another woman in some underwear walks out.

9:14pm - This woman's underwear is pink.

9:15pm - Oh look, that is some crazy underwear.

No, it should be a lot more interesting that that. Hopefully. Come back tomorrow night to find out.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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