Hanley Ramirez Is Just Like You, Except More Awesome

Ideally, leadoff men are supposed to set the tone every night with their first at bat of the game. Last night, Hanley Ramirez set the tone on fire, kicked it in the onions and ran away with its hot girlfriend. The first place Phillies strolled into Dolphin Stadium for what is, right now, the most important three-game series of the season for the Marlins. Philly came in with their 4-game lead in the National League East looking to stiff-arm the Fish and extend that divisional lead another game. But Hanley would have none of it. So with the Marlins’ very first at-bat, he belted Brett Myers’ breaking ball into the cheap seats – his 15th of the year – and set the tone for the rest of the game, perhaps the rest of the series.

Jorge Cantu followed with a 2-run shot of his own. Mike Jacobs then decided to get in on the Mike Myers pants-party and belted the third 2-run homer off the Phillies starter for the night. For those scoring at home: that’s 3 home runs, 5 runs scored for the Marlins, one giant cockpunch for Brett Myers and the Phillies. Florida takes the first game 5-4 and shave Philadelphia’s lead down to 3-games.

The Marlins now lead the majors in home runs with 98 on the season. It all goes back to our leadoff man, Hanley Ramirez. A man just like you. A man who puts his pants on one leg at a time. Except once his pants are on, he hits home runs.

-- Chris Joseph

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