Gwen Margolis Signals State Senate Return Run

There are a few quirks in the practice of democracy here on the state and local level that I just don't get. Two of which Gwen Margolis knows all to well. 

Last November Gwen ran for Miami-Dade property appraiser and convinced 281,899 of you to vote for her, far more than her three competitors. But she didn't get 50% of the vote, so the race went into a runoff. Pedro Garcia pulled off a surprise win, but because of low turnout did so with only 57,201 votes. No offense to Garcia, but it's kind of ridiculous

Of course, former state senator, representative, county commissioner, and senate president Margolis wouldn't have had to run for Property Appraiser if it wasn't for those damn legislative term limits. So now a loophole in the law means that she can return for more Senatorial action if her terms aren't consecutive. That's just what she plans to do. 

According to Naked Politics Margolis announced that she'll run to re-fill the Miami Beach senate seat Dan Gelber will leave behind in his quest to become Attorney General. Margolis will actually benefit from another little democratic quirk (one that, ok, makes a bit more sense), that requires Gelber to resign his senate seat to run for AG. 

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