Gumball 3000 Scheduled to End in Miami Tomorrow, If All the Drivers Don't Get Arrested First

The Gumball Rally is an annual 3,000-mile road rally that's always heavy on kitsch, nostalgia, sponsorship deals, and the finest C-list celebrities. In its ten-year history, the rally has scheduled stops in locales such as Paris, Beijing, Istanbul, Stockholm, and Berlin, but this year, it chose a simple, all-American coast-to-coast route that began in Santa Monica, CA, and is scheduled to end tomorrow on Ocean Drive in South Beach. 

This year, David Hasselhoff is driving the original Knight Rider Trans Am, yes KITT (sadly, I don't think Mr. Feeney is riding shotgun providing the voice). Other participants include Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Tyson Beckford, Playboy models the Dahm Triplets (in a McLaren no less), and more than a hundred other entrants. 

About 85 percent of the original drivers are still on the road, but Autoblog reports that some entrants have been arrested and even have had their rides impounded. A Bugatti Veyron was one of the unlucky whips that finds itself in car jail. Don't drop the soap, Veryon -- we know all those locked-up pickup trucks have had an eye on you.

Although the event is officially about raising money for charity, it seems some entrants can't eschew the pleasure of a good old-fashioned cross-country road race.

Tomorrow's festivities will end with a party at Louis, naturally.

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Kyle Munzenrieder