Growing Number of Ob-Gyns Turn Away Obese Female Patients in South Florida

You wouldn't expect an ob-gyn's office to have the same admission policy as a frat house party: as in, "no fat chicks." Yet, The Sun-Sentinel has discovered the a sizable amount of ob-gyns in South Florida have placed a weight limit on new patients they admit.

Fifteen out of 105 of ob-gyns the Sentinel surveyed have set weight limits for patients, which usually start around 200 pounds or are based on BMI levels.

Most of the doctors said that their equipment and examining tables couldn't hold larger woman (which smells oddly like bullshit), but some said that obesity comes with more complications that the doctors would rather avoid.

"People don't realize the risk we're taking by taking care of these patients," Dr. Albert Triana, who practices in South Miami, tells the paper. "There's more risk of something going wrong and more risk of getting sued. Everything is more complicated with an obese patient in GYN surgeries and in [pregnancies]."

Unsurprisingly, many of the doctors who have enacted the weight cut-off also have a history of being sued for malpractice or cover high malpractice insurance premiums.

While doctors can not turn down patients based on race, gender, or sexual orientation they are free to turn away patients based on weight. Though not everyone agrees with the policy.

"This completely goes against the principles of being a doctor," James Zervios, a spokesman for the Obesity Action Commission said to the paper. "Health care professionals are there to help individuals improve their quality of health, not stigmatize them according to their weight."

[Sun-Sentinel: Some ob-gyns in South Florida turn away overweight women]

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