Gregg Withdraws, Should We Anticipate More Sec. Diaz Rumors?

This President Obama fellow has sure had a hard time filling his cabinet. After Gov. Richardson withdrew from consideration to be Commerce Secretary, Obama called on Republican Senator Judd Gregg to fill the slot. Turns out the Republican doesn't see eye to eye ideologically with noted Socialist Barack Obama, and now he's withdrawn as well.

You may remember The League of United Latin American Citizens put forth Manny's name as a potential Commerce Secretary after Richardson's bow out. He was also, at various times, reported to be in consideration to head up HUD, Transportation, The Office of Urban Policy and Homeland Security.

It would benefit Obama to pick someone who, y'know, actually wants the job, and we're pretty sure Diaz would take any high profile cabinet gig offered him. We'll see how long until the League puts forth Manny's name again.

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