Greer Calls for "Unwavering Loyalty and Support" To Michael Steele

You know what Howard Dean did in his first few months as chair of the DNC? He raised $86.3 million and started working on his 50-state strategy. You know what Michael Steele has done so far as RNC chair? Turned himself into a political sideshow with his dumb feuds with Rush Limbaugh, promised "off the hook" hip hop ad campaigns, and a seemingly never ending stream of interviews in which he has little to say.

The totally biased socialist mainstream media is of course having a field day with it, and love to report that Steele may soon be ousted. But Republican Party of Florida Chair Jim Greer, who supported Steele  from the very start, sent out a letter to his fellow RNC members asking for "unwavering loyalty and support." In face he finds anything less, "disturbing." Read the full letter at The Buzz.

Greer is on Steele's transition team, and maybe you could read that as "please don't kick Steele out, it would diminish my power in the party."

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Kyle Munzenrieder