Green Mobility is Finding Its Way

Tuesday night, the fledgling Green Mobility Network met for its second meeting ever at the Dice House in Kendall. The group was started over the summer by John Hopkins, a South Miami resident and bicycling advocate who writes the blog Spokes N’ Folks.

About 20 people showed up for the meeting, which was chaired by Hopkins.

Every biking group that’s formed in Dade has its own personality. Critical Mass (Saturday) is young, optimistically anti-establishment; Critical Mass (Friday) is crustier, angrier, and less organized; ‘BASIC,’ based in Miami Beach, tends to attract urbane, middle-of-the-road types; the Eveglades Bike Club are your spandex-clad pack riders, recently turned activists.

At the Green Mobility gathering the atmosphere was that of a small town meeting – folksy, friendly, and slow – but it may be a little while before it’s clear what exactly they stand for, how they’ll go about trying to get it, and where they’ll enter the grueling push for better accommodations for bikes. We look forward to following their progress.-- Isaiah Thompson


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