This'll be the best home brew ever!

Grab a Beer with Our Marine Biologists

Ever feel the urge to talk to a marine scientist? Well look no further. Every Friday night they gather at bar behind the University of Miami Marine Sciences Campus on Virginia Key. Just make your first right off the Rickenbacker right after you pass the Miami Seaquarium. Park outside the gates and make your way past the mass of scientific detritus (bouys, science things...) following signs toward "The Commons" (open to the public on Fridays). Pass through the lobby's massive stuffed sharks, past the awesome aquarium, and head towards the cafeteria-like dining area near the modest bar. They've got pints of Flying Dog, Doggy Style Pale Ale. Step out onto the deck and enjoy a drink with some seriously bearded Marine Biologists overlooking a pleasant, isolated beach. Miami ain't so bad... --Calvin Godfrey


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