GOP's Twitter Attacks Alex Sink's Working Mom Credentials

The News Service of Florida's article about Alex Sink's appearance at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner this weekend on Miami Beach contains some praise from an unlike source: former Republican Party of Florida chairmen David Johnson.   

"The farming background could help in North Florida and the working mom thing could be very appealing to women in similar situations," said Johnson amongst other light praise for her political strategies and prospects. Including this passage: 

"Her situation was a little bit different because she was president of Bank of America," Johnson said of Sink's working mom description. "Her commutes probably involved a jet to Charlotte more than 10 miles in Tampa traffic."

Note that Johnson may have been replying to question about the working mom thing being part of her biography, but doesn't say the words himself. Sink was the Vice President of Bank of America's Florida incase you're wondering.  

Well, the current people in the Republican Party took to their twitter today and posted this: 

David Johnson: Sink as "working mom" was BoA exec on jet, not driving 10 miles in TPA traffic #sayfie via @ newsservicefla

Interesting that the RPOF jumps on the "working mom" part, trying to suggest that because she was succesfull she doesn't deserve the description and it only belongs in snarky quotes. 

Would anyone call in to question, say, Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp's creditionals as a father who works because of his high-flying habits? 

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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