GOP Senate Candidates Shocking Attack Against Bill Nelson: He Likes Obama

There's no clear front runner yet in the race for the Republican nomination to take on Senator Bill Nelson in 2012, but the candidates are already taking aim at Nelson. Though, the guy is a pretty moderate Democrat who hasn't stirred up all that much controversy, recent web ads from some of the candidates, including George LeMieux and Adam Hasner, seem to spill out how Republicans plan to attack Nelson: he doesn't hate President Obama.

State Rep. Adam Hasner seems to have the inside track so far on building support amongst the Tea Party and other factions of the extreme right, and has released a web ad with a dramatic soundtrack so over the top it's almost laughable. Of course, for a guy who seems to live in a world where good Christians are under attack by even moderate Muslims, it's understandable that he has a tendency towards the dramatic. The ad flashes pictures of Mao, Bill Nelson laughing with Obama, and finally Hasner himself delivering a stern (but wordless) speech from behind a lectern like he's some great hero.

Former Sen. George LeMieux also takes aim at the national debt and Nelson and Obama's apparent BFF-ship in a Facebook spoof that's more coying than it is over dramatic.

LeMieux has also released an ad attacking Nelson for being a career politician, forgetting to mention that he was only appointed to the Senate himself do to his life-long career in politics, one in which he was never elected to a single office.

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