GOP Senate Candidate Adam Hasner Compares National Debt to Hitler

Adam Hasner, the Tea Party favorite in the fledgling fight for the GOP's 2012 nomination to take on Senator Bill Nelson, sent out a not-so-cherry Fourth of July message to his supporters in which he compared the national debt to Hitler. Apparently a man bent on world domination, widespread warfare and the murder of millions of Jews is comparable to a debt that, in comparison to the debt history of America and other countries, isn't exactly that staggering. 

Here's a portion of the message the Hasner campaign sent out: 
On July 4, 1941, as Hitler's Reich spread its influence across Europe, President Roosevelt used a radio address to proclaim the Fourth of July holiday as an example to the world in its fight for freedom. President Roosevelt said, "several new practices of tyranny have been making such headway that the fundamentals of 1776 are being struck down abroad, and definitely, they are threatened here."

Nearly five months to the day later, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Despite the challenges, a generation of Americans would answer the call to save America, and the world, from a dark future under the control of brutal empires and savage dictators.

Today, the biggest threat to our liberty is not a foreign government, but our own. The worst practice of tyranny is not from a dictator, but from our debt - a debt which threatens to enslave future generations of Americans to a diminished future, a lower standard of living, and a reduction of our freedoms. We face more restrictions on our liberties from stifling bureaucrats than from threats abroad.

Yep, Buerecrats are basically Nazis, and our debt is comparable to a mustachioed psychopath. Economic and historical reasoning at is finest. Let's also not forget that we incurred large portions of our current debt from two ongoing wars in which we're fighting "threats from abroad."

You can read the full message at The Buzz, where they also point out that Hasner once attacked former Democratic congressman Alan Grayson, a Jewish man, for comparing the plight of uninsured Americans to the holocaust. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder