Goat Blood-Drinking Senate Candidate Tried to Get Miley Cyrus' Endorsement

We weren't sure that the saga of Augustus Sol Invictus, the goat blood-drinking pagan running for U.S. Senate in Florida as a Libertarian, could get any weirder, and yet that was before we found out that there's a Miley Cyrus connection. Need something to get a bit stranger? Yep, just add Miley Cyrus. 

Invictus apparently once reached out to Cyrus on Instagram and hoped to get her endorsement. 

The revelation comes from KiwiFarms, a strange little message board dedicated to "eccentrics on the Internet." Invictus certainly fits the bill, and the users in the forum have been aware of Invictus since June of this year, months before political reporters realized that a pagan calling for a civil war was running for Senate in Florida. Invictus was brought to the attention of the forum by a user named "Picklechu" (sure!) who did a pretty good job running down Invictus's history and odd internet trail. 

That includes his attempt to politically woo Cyrus by pasting his head on an image of a cat and writing to her on Instagram: 
Hello,@mileycyrus . My name is Augustus, and I am a Floridian running for United States Senate. I read the recent article about you in Paper, which called you your "generation's most unlikely social activist, and also one of its most powerful." I am almost ten years older than you, so I don't know whether we are technically part of the same generation; but considering the many ways our politics align, I wanted to write to ask for your help.

Though I am not LGBTQ myself, my girlfriend is. (By the way, she wanted me to tell you she really wants to kiss you.) And though I am not homeless now, I have been twice before. I am a pagan and have taken heat for my religion, even from members of my own Party. Despite my membership in the Librtarian Party, I am pro-environment and pro-animal rights. And for reasons we will not discuss here, I am as pro-drug as they come.

I understand you don't want conservative fundamentalists making our laws. Neither do I. And when I was twenty-three I reckoned that the best way for me to fight them was to go into politics myself. Today I am hoping for a Summer Solstice miracle: that a twenty-something superstar and a thirty-something Senator might join forces and change the system from within and without. If you would be interested in doing that, I am very easy to find.


P.S. I love your cover of Led Zeppelin's "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You." Don't listen to the haters."
So basically, he read the issue of Paper in which Miley posed nude with a pig and decided to try and get her endorsement. 

Invictus has since deleted the post from his Instagram, but Google's cache of various Instagram-aggregation sites do confirm that it existed. 

Cyrus does not seem to have replied. 

Maybe he should have tried to get Lady Gaga instead. She doesn't seem to have much going on at the moment, and really, once you wear a meat dress, you probably don't have a problem with drinking goat blood.
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Kyle Munzenrieder