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Go Heat

This photo was brought to our attention a few weeks ago by basketball blog Free Darko. In Free Darko's words: "As pictured above, some guy from Test Icicles or Arctic Monkeys or one of those ridiculously overblown bands started a new group with some castaways from some other band called Lightspeed Heat. They're British, or at least some of them are, which I believe can account for the cheekiness of the above photo."

Lightspeed Heatis indeed a new band, uniting Devonte Hynes of the now-defunct Test Icicles with trio Whirlwind Heat, of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Initially it seemed that Lightspeed Heat chose to don the Heat jerseys because of the similarity in name. Certainly nobody from Michigan could possibly be a Miami fan, right? Recent investigation by the New Times, however, indicates the contrary: the band selected its uniform — and Dwyane Wade's number 3 — out of genuine affection for the Heat, apparently seeing no conflict of interest.

Drummer Brad Holland likes the Pistons better, and bass player Steve Damstra "doesn't really care," but vocalist David Swanson tells us via E-mail that he is a "Big fan of Dwyane Wade. Since he played at Marquette." (No mention of UK-native Hynes' preferred NBA team, although the photo of the 2005 Pistons on his My Space page worries us a little.)

Swanson continues:

We wanted to do some BBall photos for our next single, "UpTight," coming out in the UK in October. David has a bunch of basketball jerseys, primarily Chris Webber and Dwyane Wade. These photos will end up in the artwork for "UpTight," along with Whirlwind Heat dunking.

We played in Miami on June 15th at Studio A. It was Game 4 at Miami. So David and Steve walked over to the arena to watch the game at the bar around the backside of the arena. We picked up some David Hasselhoff masks as souvenirs. Our show in Miami was lacking in participants since it costs up to $40 to park in that area. Plus the game was a huge deal.

There is also a link in names. We have a song called Air MIAMI. Even though its not based on the Miami Heat. We would like to think it relates to Dwade's AIR time in MIAMI.

Safe bet, David. -Emily Witt

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.