Gloria James, LeBron's Mom, Settles Lawsuit With Fontainebleau Valet

So remember when Gloria James, LeBron James' mother, had herself a hell of a time at the LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau in April 2011, stumbled out and after waiting over 30 minutes for a valet to get her car, she got so upset she slapped the guy? Well, the legal fight surrounding that incident has finally ended. She's settled a lawsuit brought on by Rock Feller Sorel, the valet.

According to Gossip Extra, James will pay Sorel an undisclosed some, but James' lawyers are still hoping to wring a damage control statement out of Sorel. The settlement comes just days before the civil case was set to go to trial on January 7.

The Haitian-born Sorel filed the suit in 2011 shortly after the incident, and witnesses claimed that James yelled, "Take a boat and go back to your country."

James also faced criminal charges. She had battery charges dropped, and struck a plea deal on charges of disorderly intoxication. She was forced to donate $1,000 to a Haitian charity, complete 20 hours of community service and stay away from Sorel.

This should end the legal mess caused by the incident (which, yes, was caught on video).

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