Give Thanks for Vampire in Havana

Well, Thanksgiving is upon us. Time for everyone you never talk to in your family to sit around together, get drunk, and wait to eat.

It’s not really about the eating, which takes about 15 minutes, if everyone chews slowly. Thanksgiving is about all the fighting or not-fighting that goes on while everyone sits around and gets drunk.

The most sure fire way to make yours a Happy Thanksgiving is to watch a movie that will make everyone laugh and ask a lot of harmless questions about the plot. I prescribe Vampires in Havana. Animated in Havana, in the late Eighties, this little gem is an animated bacchanalian pleasure cruise through a Walt Disney premise.

The drawing are awesome. They look like a squadron of Korean Scooby Doo animators decided to crack open a bottle of absinthe and work for three days straight with a live Salsa band playing the whole time. (In fact, it was animated by a guy named Mario Garcia Montes).

A few jerk-ass critics failed to get the movie when it came out. Some guy named Mark Leeper felt that the film wasn’t political enough, that it jumped around seemingly at random to no great purpose. The New York Times didn’t think much of it either.

What he didn’t realize is that the movie, featuring some sweet Arturo Sandoval tracks, was produced to keep the peace in your Miami home during Thanksgiving. It can be rented at either Lion Video location. Happy Turkey Day! --Calvin Godfrey

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