Giant Letters Painted in Field Spell Proposal for UM Student

Asking your girlfriend to marry you by hiring a plane to spell it out in the sky is so over. Nope, now you have to take your girlfriend up in a plane and have the question spelled out in giant letters on the ground. That's the new trend. Florencia Gonzalez, a student studying architecture at the University of Miami, was the lucky recipient of the surprise and proposal.

Gonzalez and her boyfriend, Crew Feary, had been dating for years, and apparently it took Feary almost as long to plan the proposal.

According to WESH, Feary, who works in West Palm Beach, secured a vacant lot near Gonzalez's parents' home in Altamonte Springs and had friends and family members help him paint the message in the field.

He then borrowed his boss's small plane and told Gonzalez they were going up for a business party for her parents. Gonzalez was busy surveying her family's house from above before she noticed the giant question.

"It didn't hit me at first. I just saw the writing, and then I figured out what it said," Florencia Gonzalez told the news station. "I started crying. It was really, really cute."

"When she turned around, I already had the ring out in my hand," Feary added. "It went perfect, without a hitch. She had no idea."

They then landed, and a surprise engagement party was waiting at her parents' house.

No word yet on whether the couple has optioned the story for an ending in a Hollywood romantic comedy.

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