Get These McCain Supporters Some Xanax, STAT

Another day, another frightening outburst of misdirected rage from a McCain-Palin rally.

This time, a gathering in scenic Waukesha, Wisconsin devolved into screams of "Socialist" and middle fingers and boos directed at the press corps, the Washington Post reported. Speakers proclaimed "I'm mad! I'm really mad!" and members of the crowd, when they would talk to reporters, said of Obama, "I can't stand to look at him, I don't trust him."

McCain and Palin fed off the energy, according to the story. The only McCain line that bombed, apparently, came when McCain talked about working across the aisle with Democrats (you know, the basis of his entire primary campaign). That one was met with dead silence.

McCain's advisors dismissed the crowd's reaction as an exception. They apparently missed the entirety of Sarah Palin's swing through Florida earlier this week.

Lest you think the bubbling rage rising in the McCain camp -- as his numbers slip quicker than a coked-up stockbroker can pull the trigger on another short sell -- is an invention of those bullies in the media who keep bothering poor Sarah Palin, check out the video after the jump.

Yes, there are pro-Obama protesters at this rally in Pennsylvania earlier this month, and yes, they're probably egging on the crowd. But you can't make up these responses:

-- Tim Elfrink

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