Get Ready to Care About Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp

Did anyone really care about Lt. Gov Jeff Kottkamp before, say, a few weeks ago? You know, when those rumors surfaced that Charlie Crist might resign to run for Senate, leaving Kottkamp as our 45th governor. All of a sudden, media attention bumped up ever so slightly.

The Sun-Sentinel did a little digging and found that Kottkamp billed the state $425,000 for plane trips during his two-years in office. But what's this?

Kottkamp's wife and toddler son flew for free on some two dozen trips,

despite rules requiring them to pay. Those flights cost taxpayers


There's no babies-fly-free policy? That is just horrible.

Kottkamp will reimburse the state for the nearly $13K in airline fees. But Floridians will still foot the bill for the rest of the costs. Kottkamp lives and works in Ft. Myers and commutes to Tallahassee once or twice a week.

Anyway, unless Charlie Crist dispells this rumor of resigning soon, get ready for a few more articles taking a closer look at Kottkamp.  

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