2016 so, so far away. We're not even sure if human civilization as we know it will exist then, but it's never too soon to make outlandish presidential predictions. We're dreaming of a Crist vs. Clinton matchup. 

Get Ready For Crist vs. Clinton in 2016

At this point, I don't see a Crist 2012 run as a reality. He's

unpopular amongst the base

and his political positions on major issues

don't separate him enough

from Obama. If he runs for re-election as Governor, he'd be out of office by early 2015, perfect timing to kick off a 2016 campaign. Meanwhile his party will have run some conservative dream ticket like Romney/Jindal or Limbaugh/Palin in 2012 that, unless Obama screws up big time, will probably lose horribly. Prevailing logic will then be to move the party back towards the center, and Crist will be there standing in the middle of the political spectrum with open arms. 

Meanwhile, The New York Times (via New York) reports that the Hillary Clinton die-hards who find themselves working for her Senate replacement, Kirsten Gillibrand, fully expect her to run again in 2016. 

Hillary will basically be like, "Look guys, I came so close in 2008, then I sucked it up, supported the hell out of this Obama fellow, and even became his Secretary of State. C'Mon. It's my turn now. C'Mon," and the Democratic infrastructure will collectively shrug and go "Umm, OK." In any event, her approval ratings have reached an all time high, of 59%, according to New York. (We're guess that's while as an elected official. Her approval ratings reached 80% after that whole Lewinsky affair.) 

 Of course, hopefully she'll be able to add some State Dept. achievements like "peace in the middle east," or "bringing about a free Cuba" to the plea. Who knows, maybe something horrible will happen to Biden and she'll sneak her way into the VP slot in the second term and become the de fact front runner. 

Imagine it. Since Jame Buchanon never ran for a second term against Lincoln, it will be the first time in American history when rumors about both candidates' sexuality have been circulated. 

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