George Zimmerman: I'm Homeless, Broke and Have PTSD

George Zimmerman's celebrity boxing match with rapper DMX was canned earlier this month after widespread outrage over the idea of the central Florida wannabe neighborhood watchman cashing in on his killing of Miami teen Trayvon Martin. But Zimmerman probably isn't done looking for money-making ideas.

In an interview with Univision that aired last night, Zimmerman revealed he's unemployed, crashing with relatives and still owes more than $2 million to his attorneys. He also says he's suffering from PTSD.

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Next week will mark the two year anniversary of the day when Zimmerman gunned down Martin, an unarmed teen walking home in the central Florida subdivision where his father lived.

In his wide-ranging Univision interview, Zimmerman says he doesn't regret shooting Martin because "in my mind and between God and me, I know that if I didn't act, act the way I did, I wouldn't be here."

But Zimmerman, who was acquitted last summer of murder charges, says the killing has left him with few prospects for a return to normal life. He wears a bulletproof vest at all times and hasn't been able to find work since his heavily covered criminal trial.

He tells Univision that he's considered finding work as a cook but for now is living off his relatives. He's raised about $300,000, he says, through donations from supporters and his newest gig -- selling possibly copyright-infringing patriotic paintings. But his tab for lawyers Mark O'Mara and Don West still tops $2.5 million.

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