George Zimmerman Accused of Stealing From Mother-in-Law

George Zimmerman may have avoided jail time for killing Trayvon Martin, but the man can not seem to stay out of legal trouble ever since. Now his soon-to-be-ex-Motherin-in-Law has filed a police report claiming that Zimmerman stole furniture and a television from a home they own.

According to CBS News, Machelle Dean, Shellie Zimmerman's mother, called police to inform them that hundreds of dollars worth of items were stolen from the home and that the home had been damaged.

Though the home is owned by Shellie's parents, George and Shellie had been living in the home. However, Shellie has filed for divorce and Zimmerman was supposed to be out of the home officially yesterday.

CBS News says that police officially have no suspects, but TMZ reports that Dean had named George Zimmerman in the police report.

Police are still investigating and its unclear if the matter will be treated as a criminal or civil matter.

Zimmerman has been involved in a number of incidents since his acquittal, including a string of traffic incidents. Though, last month police were called to a domestic dispute in which Zimmerman allegedly hit his father in law and threatened his wife with a gun. Shellie refused to press charges at the time, but now claims she regrets doing so.

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Kyle Munzenrieder