George Steinbrenner Dead in Tampa After Heart Attack

George Steinbrenner, the man who inspired Larry David's best recurring cameo on Seinfeld -- and, oh yeah, also the tyrannical architect of the hated Yankees dynasty -- has died in Tampa.

Steinbrenner, who was 80 and in declining health, died early this morning. Because we hate the Yankees and all they stand for, hows about some Larry David clips and highlights of the Marlins' World Series win over the Yanks after the jump! RIP, Georgie.

Steinbrenner bought the Yanks in 1973 and pretty much invented the caricature of the evil owner, throwing millions upon millions into the franchise, firing every manager, and hitting every coach who ever looked sideways at him.

He bought the Yankees a boatload of World Series titles (seven, to be precise). But more important to us, he watched his heavily favored 2003 squad get crushed by your Florida Marlins. The last out:

Steinbrenner turned the team over to his sons, Hal and Hank, in 2008 and had lived a fairly quiet retirement in Florida ever since.

This is how we choose to remember the Boss here at Riptide:

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