George Sr. Seems to Think America Can't Get Enough Bush

If anyone had any doubts that Jeb Bush's possible run for Senate would be more about personal ambition and trying to save the GOP, look no further than George Bush Sr., who went on Fox News this weekend and said he'd like to see President Jeb one day. 

 "I'd like to see him run ... I'd like to see him be president someday," said Daddy.

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Woah, woah. One thing at a time. Jeb hasn't even officially kicked off his Senate campaign yet, Dubya hasn't left office, and people are already talking about a very Jebby White House? We understand a father being proud of his offspring, and we especially get George being proud of Jeb, but it takes a certain kind of delusional, entitled egomaniac proud papa to start throwing Son #2's name out for the big job, after he and Son #1 didn't do so hot. Third time's a charm, we suppose. 

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