George Bush Won't Let Me Eat

So there I was trying to cross Biscayne Boulevard to pick up some lunch about 3:00 p.m. when a Miami-Dade motorcycle cop stopped me in my tracks.

“Get out of the street,” he shouted.


Then I complained. “Whatinhell is this? I’m hungry.”

The cop felt bad. It’ll only be two minutes.

Over the next ten minutes, a minimum of 70 police cars and motorcycles, something called the special response team, and a nasty looking black limousine passed me. It was a motorcade that included President George Bush. He was speaking to 550 business leaders down the street at the Radission.People in front of my destination Subway and around me hooted.

“I voted for Kerry,” called one.

“I didn’t vote,” said another.

“Look at all those cars, how much money they’re wasting.” (I’m down with this one.)

“Every cop in Miami is there.”

Ten minutes later, I slurped down my soup. It was better than the MREs Bush’s guys are eating in Iraq.

Chuck Strouse

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