Genius DSCC Points Out Neither Sarah Palin Nor Charlie Crist Will Seek Second Terms

Sorry Democratic Senatorial Campaign Comittee, but your latest little video project kind of  fails. The plan is to attack two Republican candidates for Senate, our own Charlie Crist and New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte (who?), by comparing them to Sarah Palin. Reason: They're all resigning.

It's a really clumsy "Republicans are all Sarah Palin" attack. First of all, Crist has made no plans to resign and I doubt he will after the Palin bruhaha. Secondly, what about all those Democratic governors who so eagerly resigned to take positions in the Obama administration? Not to mention the dozens of Democratic candidates who are attempting to ditch one elected office for a better one. 

Thirdly, the voices are a major fail. There are so many decent Sarah Palin impersonators out there, and this is what you got? Was this lady not available? And since when does Charlie Crist sound like a voice over artists from a PBS Civil War documentary? 

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