Gender-Bending Student Too Wild for Atlanta Returns to Miami

All 16-year-old Jonathon Escobar wanted was a better education, and apparently that meant getting the hell out of the Miami-Dade school system. So he moved in with his sister in Atlanta to attend North Cobb High. 

But North Cobb wasn't prepared for his wardrobe, which includes traditionally female attire. Escobar told   the Souther Voice that officials told him he either had to dress more gender-appropriately or be home-schooled. Isn't Atlanta home to Housewives Nene and Kim? You think they'd be used to unadulterated fierceness in a wig.

School officials claim they simply asked Escobar to tone down his warbdrobe and say a YouTube video he posted with a charmingly sarcastic comment that another student "wants to suck my asshole" also crossed the line. 

Escobar decided to withdraw and will return to live with his parents and finish high school in Miami. After that, he plans to attend beauty school.

But before all of that, apparently Escobar flew to New York to join his spiritual sister in weave by appearing on The Tyra Banks show. No word on the air date.

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