Gay Adoption Ruling More a Victory for the Kids

In Miami, Save Dade aims to protect gay people from

discrimination. So you'd think, on a day like today, the group

would tally one point for themselves on the old civil rights scoreboard. A Miami-Dade Court

ruled there's "no rational basis" for prohibiting gay adoption this morning and,

yeah, at least temporarily, this is a loooong overdue symbol of hope for devoted

gay parents. But today isn't about waving rainbow flags or patting GLBT

activists on the back, says Save Dade Director CJ Ortuño. "In my opinion," he says

thoughtfully, "This is really a victory for the kids."

He's right. In Florida there are 22,000 children in state



waiting to be adopted. Four thousand more are hanging in limbo at a

foster home. That's enough lonesome, abandoned kids to fill a whole

town. And Riptide's gonna go out on a limb and say they'd do much

better with stable, committed

47-year old gay man and his partner, than crossing fingers, hoping for


perfect white picket fence family to swoop them into normalcy. Martin

Gill and

his partner aren't straight, but they've got a whole lot of love.


The ironic part is this: Department of

Children &

Families -- which is supposed to defend an protect kids -- will now

seek to prevent Gill's foster sons from being adopted by the only

father they've ever known. Something doesn't seem right about it.

--Natalie O'Neill

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.