Gainesville Woman Tossed Used Condoms at Store Clerk Before Exposing Herself

Jealousy is about as pretty as a bag full of used condoms.

A woman in Gainesville stands accused of verbally assaulting a female store clerk at a Kangaroo convenience store, dumping a bag of used condoms on the counter, slinging one at the clerk, and, for good measure, exposing all of her private business.

The clerk used to date a man the woman was in a sexual relationship with, if that helps you make anymore sense out of this.

The unidentified 23-year-old woman was for some reason irate about the 29-year-old clerk's past with her man, so on Tuesday night she showed up at the Kangaroo armed with the bag of used condoms according to The Gainesville Sun.

She began shouting and cursing at the clerk, and asking her inappropriate, personal questions. The clerk refused to answer, so naturally the woman dumped the pile of used condoms on to the counter.

Then she lifted her shirt up and pulled her shorts down, fully exposing herself to the clerk and the surveillance camera.

The woman left, but decided all of that wasn't quite enough so a short while later she reentered the store and threw a condom at the clerk. Why quit when you're already ahead in the ridiculous department?

The woman has not been arrested yet, but the local Sheriff's office has filed a sworn complaint charging the woman of battery and indecent exposure. That complaint will be sent to the State Attorney's office before an arrest is made.

The store had to temporarily close overnight to clean up the mess.

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