Gabrielle Union is Banned from the Front Row of Heat Games

You can see a lot of famous faces in the front row of Miami Heat games, but there's one you won't be seeing again any time soon: Gabrielle Union. Dwyane Wade's ladypal has been banned by Wade himself from sitting in the front row. Apparently she has a bit of a heckling habit, and once teased a 72-year-old referee about Viagra. 

Union stopped by


last night while promoting her new film,

Think Like a Man

, and revealed she's been banned from the AA Arena for yelling. And not just at the opposing team, but at Wade himself.

"Who's gonna tell him if not me?" she quipped.

Her meanest comments, however, are aimed at other players and refs. 

"Well, there was a gentleman who shall remain nameless who was a little overweight, let's say, and I did yell out his name [and said], 'Your Spanx are showing!'"

As for a 72-year-old ref who was apparently lax on blowing the whistle during a game, she shouted "You'll get your Viagra if you just make a call."

This concludes Riptide's latest installment of posts that are excuses to talk about Gabrielle Union, whom we are possibly obsessed with. 

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