Further Blurring the Line Between Biography and Fiction, Mickey Rourke to Take Part in Wrestlemania

Yes, the plot of The Wrestler -- in which a dude who had the world by the balls in the '80s before falling flat on his face owing to disastrous, self-destructive decision-making and an audience that lost interest -- is quite similar to the life story of the dude playing that dude, Mickey Rourke. I'm not the first to notice this.

Now Rourke, who at periods has moonlighted as a boxer and a drunken South Beach scooter-racer, confuses matters further by announcing he's becoming a professional wrestler -- for realz -- if only for one night. Yep, he'll wrestle as his character, Randy "The Ram" Robinson, in April at this year's Wrestlemania in Houston, as reported by Access Hollywood via Deadspin. He might be pitted against Chris Jericho, a fan favorite whom we would love to see round-housed with a certain gold statuette.

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