Full Miami Heat Schedule Released, Celtics Coming to Town for Home Opener

Thanks to the lockout, there are 16 games fewer than usual, but the NBA has finally released the schedule for its shortened, 66-game season. As everyone already knows, the Heat will open with a Christmas Day rematch against the Dallas Mavericks. The Heat's home opener will go down two days later against the Boston Celtics.

The Heat will meet every team at least once. But a shorter season doesn't mean the team will have any fewer back-to-back games. The Heat has 18 this year, the same as last year. Luckily they play only three days in a row once, but those games are all on the road (Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Indiana from February 12 to 14). That back-to-back-to-back occurs during the team's longest road stretch of six games.

You can view the full season here, but here are the matchups with some of their biggest rivals:

Orlando Magic:
-Sun, Dec 18, home (preseason)
-Wed, Dec 21, away (preseason)
-Wed, Feb 8, away
-Sun, Feb 19, home
-Tue, Mar 13, away
-Sun, Mar 18, home

Boston Celtics:
-Tue, Dec 27, home
-Sun, Apr 1, away
-Tue, Apr 10, home
-Tue, Apr 24, away

Chicago Bulls:
-Sun, Jan 29, home
-Wed, Mar 14, away
-Thr, Apr 12, away
-Thr, Apr 19, home

NY Nicks:
-Fri, Jan 27, home
-Thr, Feb 23, home
-Sun, Apr 15, away

LA Lakers:
-Thr, Jan 19, home
-Sun, Mar 4, away

Dallas Mavericks:
-Sun, Dec 25, away
-Thr, Mar 29, home

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