From Losing to Jojo to Replacing Bovo: The Katherine Cue Story

The Miami Herald and teevee stations covered the news in the same human-interest tone they would a water-skiing squirrel. "Isn't it just adorable that Little Miss Hialeah gets to play city council member with the big boys?" The Herald brushed aside questions of nepotism and conflicts of interest. Largely, they didn't seem to be to bothered that some random 21-year-old will now help shape policy for Florida's fifth largest city.

Are the citizen bloggers the only ones who smell something funny? Eye on Miami is charging nepotism and that Cue will be a clueless pawn for Robaina and another member of a body that largely bows down to his authority. Quepasahilaeah wonders why that in such a large city the council couldn't find someone more qualified, and it urges citizens to express their dismay before her appointment becomes official tomorrow.

But what are Cue's achievements? Riptide gathered some of the biggest moments in Cue's charmed life. Including pageant titles and a run on a nationally televised singing competition (which she lost to Jojo, of "Too Little Too Late" fame).

1997 - Cue is crowned Little Miss Hialeah. Her job duties apparently involved following Raul Martinez around in a sash. In that she has experience unquestionably following a mayor, she might be just as qualified as anyone else on the council.

1999 - Being installed on a "serious" political body sure must be a thrill for any 21-year-old. But that wasn't Cue's original preferred destination. No, it was "stardom." As a 12-year-old, she competed on Destination Stardom. Here's a clip of her singing "Don't Rain on My Parade" -- and, hey, so far the local media has taken heed. 

Cue ended up being defeated by Jojo, the also-ran teen singer. (Here's a wonderful cover of one of her songs.) Moments before being informed of her loss, Cue expressed how much she enjoyed visiting Russia, but to her credit, she didn't claim to be able to see it from her house.

2003 - Four years latter, Cue landed on Arsenio Hall's short-lived remake of Star Search. She made it to the semifinals before being eliminated in favor of Vickie Natale.

2004 - Cue was fourth runnerup for Miss Teen Florida.

2005 - A Katherine Cue is credited on Discogs as the vocalist for a remake of local one-hit wonders Soul Fource's hit "Set U Free."

2006 - Cue competed in Miss Florida USA.

Circa 2006 - Cue is signed to 76 Label and apparently releases a song called "Hold Up." That's her on the website in the early-Britney Spears-style pigtails and half-shirt.

Circa 2007 - Cue becomes a city employee and is eventually promoted to serve as the mayor's education liaison.

Tomorrow - She'll be officially appointed as a real, live council member! 

2009 - If Cue wants to continue serving on the city council, she'll have to go up for electon. She has already indicated she will, and knowing Hialeah, we think it's possible she could win, unless Jojo throws her hat into the ring.

2010 - Estimated date of Cue's college graduation from St. Thomas University. 

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.