Free iPads, Software, and Other Giveaways at First Apple Business Expo and iPad/iPhone Zone in Miami

Are you obsessed with everything Mac/Apple related? If you found out about the iPhone 4 before Gizmodo did and every tech gadget in your house has a bitten apple logo on it, this one's for you. IT product and service provider Loop USA is hosting the Apple Business Expo 2K10 -- the first in Miami -- and you're invited.

It's a few months away, taking place September 29 at the Hilton Miami Downtown, but when we heard about the prospect of winning iPads, software, printers, and gift cards, we just couldn't wait.

Taking place from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., the all-day event is free when

you register, and you'll be able to learn about the latest in business

solutions from third-party experts and try the latest updates in

hardware, software, and service in the Apple industry with 40 vendors.

The agenda includes vendor presentations from

different industries, Apple/iPad business solutions and local Apple

specialist solutions, and a technology vendor conference fair. Plus lunch

will be provided.

The event is open to any business owner who uses a Mac, as well as anyone in the print, creative, medical, or retail

industry -- but we're assuming Apple enthusiasts who want to integrate

Macs into their work lives are also welcome.

Guest speakers

from Apple will be on hand to discuss the latest operating system, Snow Leopard, and representatives from Adobe, Microsoft, FileMaker, HP, and Xerox will discuss their new products. Visions of all of that free stuff are dancing in our heads. You

can even meet iPad and iPhone developers in the iPad and iPhone Zone.

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